8 Amazing Things to do in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines

8 Amazing Things to do in Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines

Discover 8 amazing things to do in Caramoan, Philippines. Caramoan in located at the tip of Camarines Sur, which in on Luzon Island in the Philippines.

This overview of things to do in Caramoan gives a short review of each of the “things to do” as well as links to more detailed reviews which include directions, pictures and other useful information.

Caramoan is a quiet “one street” town which for me was a very nice change from the bustle of Naga City.

Initially I thought that there wasn’t much to do except to make it a base for island hopping, but then I went exploring on a motorbike for a day. So I guess this post isn’t really about things to do in Caramoan, but more of a things to do in and around Caramoan.

Things to do in Caramoan

1. Walk Through Town

The first item on this list knocks of all the things to do in Caramoan that are actually in Caramoan. I guess I could have given them a number each, but decided to just bunch them together.

From a general walk through town on a weekday I did not see any other tourists, but there are lots of touristy shops there so I imagine it gets busy on weekends and during holiday seasons in the Philippines.

There is a market next to where the bus drops you off which is worth a look.

Things to do in Caramoan - Main Street - Survive Travel

One of the roads that leads to the market in Caramoan.

And at least the river is fairly clean, unlike the one in Naga (pic top right).

There is also this church and grounds where the young folk like to hang out a practice dancing… I’m guessing rehearsing something for school.

Things to do in Caramoan - Visit the Church - Survive Travel

The church on the grounds where kids like to practice dancing.

2. Bulang Bugang

About a forty minute walk out of town is a place called Bulang Bugang which is a little watering hole with a cave you can swim through. Once you get off the main road it is a nice walk through a Barangay.

Things to do in Caramoan - Bulang Bugang - Survive Travel

Swim through an underwater cave.

3. Our Lady of Holy Rosary

Instead of doing a Caramoan Island Hopping Tour (I’ll come back and do it with friends another time) I decided to hire a motorbike for the day and check out the surrounding area. I hired one for 500php from the Sights and Sand Tourist Inn, where I was staying.

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The first place I went was to Tabgon to climb the “Our Lady of Rosary” stairs. It was recommended to me by the owner of the Sights and Sand Tourist Inn. It’s a good climb (good meaning you will sweat) and you get an awesome view from the top.

Things to do in Caramoan - Survive Travel

A view of the islands from the top of the “Our Lady of Rosmary” hill.

4. Bikal

After Tabgon I went to Bikal, which is one of the “jump-off” places for island hopping. It is only about 5km north of Caramoan.

Things to do in Caramoan - Bikal - Survive Travel

This view has nothing to do with Bikal. Itt was taken on the bus on the way into Caramoan.

5. Paniman Beach

A couple of kilometres east of Bikal is Paniman beach. It is another place you can set off for an island hopping tour, but also looks like a nice (quiet) place to stay in its own right. I counted about ten or so accommodation options, most of them along the beach-front.

Things to do in Caramoan - Paniman - Survive Travel

Paniman Beach.

6. Guijalo

5km south of Caramoan is Guijalo where you can catch a boat to Sabang Beach (San Jose). It is also another point for island hopping.

Things to do in Caramoan - Guijalo- Survive Travel

People washing their clothes in the river just out of Guijalo.

7. Island Hopping

Although I did not go island hopping (yet) I did enquire about it in Guijalo. For 1500php you can get a boat for a day. It holds eight people. You will visit three islands.

Other options include renting a kayak (which sounds awesome) or getting a package deal through a tour company.

Things to do in Caramoan - Beach 5 - Survive Travel

An island hopping set off point – one of a few options. This one is in Gota Beach.

8. Gota Beach

The last and also my top pick on this list of things to do in Caramoan is Gota Beach which I only went to because I noticed it on my GPS and I had the motorbike for 4 more hours or so.

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For anyone not in the Philippines your journey to get to Gota Beach would go something like this: Plane, Overnight Bus (or another plane), Van, Boat, Tricycle, Motorcycle, Walk – and it would be totally worth it. It is AMAZINGLY picturesque.

Things to do in Caramoan - Beach - Survive Travel

Gota Beach.

Getting To Caramoan

First get to Manilla. Plane is you best bet unless you are on Luzon Island.

Once in Manila get to Naga. This can be done by bus (overnight or during the day) or you can fly.

From Naga you can take a bus, which is what I did. It cost 220php and took 4 hours. The scenery was awesome, especially in the second half of the journey. There is no toilet on the bus, but they do stop at some bus stations where I feel you could find a toilet if you need to.

They also make a stop in Sta Maria, Presentacion at a small eatery called Sharon Store. It has a toilet inside and you can buy refreshments. They stop there for about 20 minutes. This happened on the way there and on the way back.

You could also take a Banga (boat) from Sabang Port to Guijalo and then a tricycle from Guijalo to Caramoan, which probably costs about 60php. I could have done this on the way back but I try to avoid boats since I get seasick, although the windy mountain road on the bus may have been worse. Also, the bus leaves all day whilst the boat stops at 1300pm (or 1100 depending on which way you are going.

Getting from Naga to Caramoan - Bus Schedule two - Survive Travel

Some timetables of buses and bangas (boats).

To get to Sabang from Naga you can either catch a minivan which will take you directly to Sabang, or catch a bus heading to Caramoan or Lagonoy and get off at San Jose. From San Jose catch a jeepney (or whatever) to Sabang Port which cost 15php. I was not happy to stay in Sabang so I went to Goa by jeepney which cost 20php, Then I left there too and went back to Naga.

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Got anything to add to this list of amazing things to do in Caramoan? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say/ask) in the comments 😀 .

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