10 Incredible Things to do in Melaka, Malaysia

10 Incredible Things to do in Melaka, Malaysia

This list of 10 incredible things to do in Melaka gives a short review of each of the things to do in Melaka as well as links to more detailed reviews (where applicable). It also has other useful information about Melaka such as accommodation in Melaka and how to get to Melaka.

Initially my plan was to only stay in Malaysia for three weeks and then travel overland into Thailand before flying into Cambodia to meet Ayase for what seems to becoming our bi-yearly travel stint.

I decided instead to stay in Malaysia until mid December. I had already bought a ticket to Kuala Lumpur so I decided to check out Melaka.

10 Incredible Things to do in Melaka

1. Heritage Walking Tour

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9:30am starting at the tourist information center, there is a free walking tour of the heritage area. It goes for two hours.

I didn’t do it myself because I didn’t know about it. Instead, I just walked around the area myself.

To get to the tourist information center catch bus #17. From Melaka Sentral bus terminal (where the bus from Kuala Lumpur drops you) it will cost 2MYR. The journey there is shorter than the journey back. I guess it does a one way loop.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (1) - Heritage Walk - Survive Travel

Looking at the church where the bus drops you in town.

2. Temples

A came across a number of temples while walking through the heritage center. I didn’t actually go in any of them myself but did see tourists in them.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (2) - Temples - Survive Travel

One of the many temples in Melaka.

3. Jonker Walk

Jonker walk is a historical tourist street. It has a night market on the weekends. The rest of the time it is a bunch of tourist shops, food, and some sightseeing stuff also.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (3) - Jonker Walk - Survive Travel

Street art on one of the side-streets of Jonker Walk.

4. Museums

The heritage area is full of museums. At least six. None of them really peaked my interest but it seems the entry fee to most of them is only 10MYR for foreigners.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (4) - Museums - Survive Travel

Maritime museum.

5. Markets

There is no shortage of market places in Melaka. Typical for Asia though. A good way to get out of the sun and buy some souvenirs if you are so inclined.

On the weekend there are a few good night markets around also (such as Jonker Walk).

Melaka also has a couple of pretty good malls if you need some air-conditioning.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (5) - Markets - Survive Travel

Jonker walk night market.

6. St Paul’s Hill

A short uphill climb to the ruins of this cathedral (I think it’s a cathedral). Nice view from the top (featured picture).

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (6) - St Paul's Hill - Survive Travel

The ruins at the top of St Paul’s Hill.

7. Melaka River

From the Food Tourism House (where I stayed) you can follow the river all the way to town. Take a long walk or a nice bicycle ride. The bicycle is provided free of charge by the Food Tourism House.

You could also do a river cruise.

Incredible Things to do in Melaka (7) - Melaka River - Survive Travel

Melaka River. Taken from the bridge in town.

8. Mini Malaysia

On my second full day in Melaka I intended to go to the Botanical Gardens but instead I ended up in Mini Malaysia.

In Mini Malaysia they have constructed all the different types of traditional houses from different areas of Malaysia. Each one is a bit like a mini museum. It is actually called Mini Malaysia and ASEAN but the mini ASEAN part was closed for renovations.

Things to do in Melaka - Melaka House - Survive Travel

This is the only house in Mini Malaysia where they made such nice stairs. It is the Melaka house.

9. Melaka Botincal Gardens

The next day I went back to the botanical gardens. It was a much better day than Mini Malaysia.

It was free entry and I went for a nice bicycle ride around it. Much less traffic too (probably due to is being a Saturday) so the journey was quicker, although I still had to wait ages for the busses to go there and back.

Things to do in Melaka - Survive Travel

The typical walking path around the Melaka Botanical Gardens.

10. Malay Sultanate Palace

The last item on this list of incredible things to do in Melaka is to go to the Malay Sultanate Palace, which is one of the many museums.

I know I already put museums on this list but I actually went in this one and wrote a post about it so I thought it deserved it own number. Actually, I thought it was pretty interesting. Only 5myr to get in, had a nice garden, and even had air-conditioning inside.

things to do in Melaka - Front - Featured - Survive Travel

The front of the Malay Sultanate Palace.

Getting To Melaka

I took a plane from Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur and landed at Terminal KLIA2.

On the ground floor fo KLIA2 you can buy a ticket for the bus to Melaka from Transnational. It cost 24.10rmb and took two hours. The bus was comfortable. No toilet on board and they don’t stop, but it’s only two hours.

You can also get this bus from KLIA and town, but I read that you can’t buy a ticket directly from KLIA.

In Melaka, the bus drops you off at the bus station north of town. My accommodation was a bit further north (10 minute walk) so it was good for me. To get to Melaka city center, where most of the attraction are, just catch the number 17 bus in for 1.50myr to the tourism office (the main stop in town).

Note: If you catch the #17 back from the same bus stop you get of at, i.e., the tourism office, it will cost 2myr on the way back and takes a lot longer. To prevent this, catch it from the other side of Jonker street, i.e., walk all the way up Jonker street until you get to the other end.

Accommodation in Melaka

Whilst doing all these incredible things to do in Melaka I stayed at the Food Tourism Guesthouse.

Cost: 45myr per night for a fan room with a private bathroom.

The Food Tourism Hotel was a nice guesthouse. It was just like living in a shared home with full access to kitchen and living room. There was also bikes you could borrow.

The owner was a nice guy. He did not live in the same house but dropped by pretty much every day. Very chatty. His wife was lovely also. They both spoke excellent English.

I got a fan room with private bathroom but there other rooms available, e.g., shared bathroom, aircon, etc.

My room was a good size with desk, cupboard, and a bed that was comfortable enough.

The whole place was clean.

Simple breakfast was provided of toast and jam with coffee and tea. It was available all day. Free drinking water also, although it ran out quite often.

The location was a bus ride from the city but I thought it was very good being in walking distance to the main bus station. It meant it was easy to get to other attractions outside the city also. In central station there was lots of food choices, and there was also a big Giant supermarket within a five minute walk.

One thing was that although I paid for a private bathroom, one of the days I had to share it and the owner refused to give me a refund for the difference in cost, which I thought was very strange and not really in-line with the rest of his personality, which was very friendly.

Book your stay at the Food Tourism Guest House or some other accommodation in Melaka.

Getting to the Food Tourism Guesthouse
It is a short walk from the Sentral bus station, whcih is were you will probably arrive if coming by bus. The owner will send you very good directions once you book.

Got anything to add to this list of incredible things to do in Melaka? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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