7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines

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Discover 7 things to do in Narra. Narra is a small town in the south of Palawan, about 90 minutes mini-van ride from Puerto Princesa. Palawan is an island in the Philippines. Unlike the more famous El Nido, Narra sees hardly any tourists. The reason I went there is that I had made a friend who said she wanted to show me around.

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7 Things to do in Narra

1. Market

The very first thing I came across in Narra was the public market. The public market and the roads around its circumference make up the town proper of Narra. There’s lots of small restaurants, fresh food, and other shops in this area. There is also a supermarket and even a small shopping center!

This picture is the Saturday market. It’s full of vendors on a Saturday. There is the normal market also, open every day and has everything you need.

1 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Narra Market

This market becomes full on Saturdays. There is another everyday market near this same area.

2. Narra Lagoon

About a ten-minute walk west of the market is Narra Lagoon, which I’m pretty sure is man-made. There’s a park there and free wifi. It was a nice spot to chill, eat snacks, and watch the fish.

2 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Narra Lagoon

Narra Lagoon.

3. Narra Church

Like the public market, every town in the Philippines has at least one church. Narra’s church is close to the lagoon. Actually, Narra has a few churches. This looks like it is the main one though.

3 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Narra Church

The church near the lagoon.

4. Estrella Falls

My friend borrowed her cousin’s motorbike for the afternoon so we went to Estrella falls. It was late afternoon so I didn’t swim (too cold for me).

4 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Estrella Falls

Estrella Falls.

5. Beach

After Estrella falls we still had some daylight to kill so we went to one of the beaches nearby, of which there are a few. This is the one near La Vista Beach Resort. The water was beautiful and warm, but I still didn’t swim.

5 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Narra Beach

Beach near La Vista Resort.

The next morning we went to my friends Barangay (village). In the same way as my friend from Baybay, all her family lives in the one “compound”. The houses of my Narra friend where of a higher standard than in Baybay, i.e., they had stuff (such as a TV). We ate fresh coconut and then walked to the beach about 15 minutes down the road.

6 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Narra Barangay Beach

Beach near my friends Barangay.

6. Bato Falls

After visiting my friends Barangay we went to Batobato Falls. Unlike Estrella Falls, Bato Bato falls is off the radar. There were no signs to get there, and even my friend had who grew up there had to stop and ask. We were the only ones there and it was lovely. Bato Falls was the highlight of my trip to Palawan.

7 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Bato Falls

Batobato Falls.

7. Maydavian Resort

The last thing on this list of things to do in Narra is to go to Maydavian Resort. Actually, this is not something I particularly wanted to do, but my friend kept talking about it. I imagined it to be a spectacular resort. It wasn’t. My friend only wanted to look inside because she’d never been in a resort before. It was nice to visit.

8 7 Things to do in Narra, Palawan, Philippines, Survive Travel, Maydavian Resort

View from the pier at Maydavian Resort.

Getting To Narra

From Puerto Princessa, make your way to the San Jose bus terminal. There is a jeepney stop close to the Matutina Pensione (where I stayed).

I took a tricycle and paid 100php which was a bit much. 70 or 80php is more realistic. The jeepney may only cost about 15php but I imagine it takes at least three times as long. The journey by tricycle was 15 to 20 minutes.

From San Jose, you can either take a big bus, a minivan, or even a jeepney (which must take at least four hours). I took the minivan. It cost 150php and took about 90minutes. Again, the bus is cheaper but slower, although much safer!

Most of the road to Narra is paved. The ride was comfortable enough.

Accommodation in Narra

Whilst in Narra I stayed at the JS Pension House.

Cost: 600php per night for a double room.

Address: Panacan 2, Narra, Palawan, Philippines

I found nothing online except the big resorts. On your way in there is a sign for JS Pension house which is where I stayed. The cheapest room is 600php. It has a fan, TV, bathroom, and is a good size. They also have a restaurant with very reasonable prices, i.e., the same as on the local eateries. Next door is a small Vietnamese restaurant which is awesome. Cheap and delicious. Approximately 50php for a bowl of beef noodles. They also have Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich). Eat there!

How to Get to JS Pension

As you roll into Narra the JS is pretty hard to miss. Whether you take a bus or minivan you will get off out the front of Jollibee/Mercury Drug. On the other side of the main road is JS Pension. The “driveway” is immediately after (or before) the bridge. It’s about a 3-minute walk to the market.

Other Information About Narra

There are no banks that accept foreign ATM cards in Narra. I tried them all. Luckily, there are money changers so I cashed in some of my emergency foreign currency.

The internet is terrible all over town. They only get 3g if that. Even when I was the only one in the internet cafe and hooked up to the landline it was slow. If you use Smart mobile data (like I did) it shuts down every night from about 9 pm onwards. You still have txt and call signal, but no internet.

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