8 Cool Things to do in Solo Indonesia

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Discover 8 cool things to do in Solo in Indonesia. Solo (a.k.a. Surakarta) is a city in Central Java. It is about a 90-minute train ride north of Yogyakarta. While I was in Yogyakarta I met a girl online from Solo who offered to show me around her hometown. Being shown around a new place by a local is always good, so that’s where I went.

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8 Cool Things to do in Solo Indonesia

I arrived in Solo via train at about 1230 and after checking into my hotel (Laksana Inn) I met up with Ria (my friend). She picked me up on her motorcycle.

1. Batik Museum

The first place we went was the batik museum. This was actually much better than I thought it would be. If I had taken more than one photo I would have written a full post about it.

In any case, it costs 35,000IDR to visit and you get a free guide. The guide was very nice with excellent English. He showed/told us all stages of making batik, the history of it, and we even got to see them making some.

I was guessing that tipping the guide was the done thing so I gave him 20,000IDR.

1 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Hand making batik. This lady has 30+ years experience. She does it free hand. The others are using a template.

2. Pasar Klewer

After the batik museum, Ria suggested the antique market. She then changed her mind saying that it wasn’t very good, so instead, we went to Pasar Klewer. Pasar Klewer is pretty much a clothes market. She walked me through until we finished at a poster of a man holding a bra, which she was happy to show me. In fact, I think this was the whole reason we went there because after that we left.

2 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Walking through Pasar Klewer.

3. Slamet Riyadi

Slamet Riyadi is a street named after the man whose statue is at the end of it. It looks as though the man was a revolutionary. In any case, it is a food street and also has a market across the road.

Solo has many of its own foods. We had already eaten lunch but in the evening we returned to Slamet Riyadi to eat nasi lewat.

3 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Nasi lewat which we got from Slamet Riyadi.

4. Human Puppets

After dinner, we went to what Ria called a human puppet show. It was the same idea as the puppet show in Yogyakarta but with real people. They had dancing (which I thought was pretty good), singing, music, and comedy. I couldn’t understand the comedy because it was in Javanese, but others were laughing.

At the end of the second act, they did a little dance representing a fight scene which I enjoyed. We left after that but there was still quite a few acts to go.

4 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Human puppet show.

5. Candi Cetho

The next morning we took a 1+ hour drive to Candi Cetho, a Hindu temple. While in Yogyakarta I neglected to go to any of the temples. My plan was to see them on my last day before I flew out, but after seeing Candi Cetho I was content. Be sure to add Candi Cetho to your list of Solo Indonesia places of interest.

5 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Can you see the symbols of fertility? I thought the womb was a turtle at first.

6. Jumog Waterfall

Another thing I was going to do once back in Yogyakarta was to go see a waterfall, but Jumog was close to Candi Cetho. I was happy with it.

6 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

Jumog waterfall up close.

7. Pura Mangkunegaran

The next day we went to Pura Mangkunegaran. I was going to write a full post about this but it was the same as the Keraton Sultan Palace in Yogyakarta. Only a little smaller and much fewer tourists. It was good to have Ria there as she told me a lot of stuff about the place. The prince of Solo actually lives there. No-one seems to know where the king is.

Entry is 20,000IDR.

Cool Things to do in Solo, Pura Mangkunegaran, Survive Travel in Solo, Indonesia

By Meursault2004 (File:Pura_Mangkunagaran01(2_Maret_2007).jpg) [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

8. Pasar Gede

The last thing on this list of what to see in Solo is Pasar Gede. I had moved hotels that day and Pasar Gede was down the road. It is the better-known market in Solo as it is in the city center. Lots of fresh food and also some clothes and stuff.

8 8 Cool things to do in Solo Indonesia, Survive Travel

The front of Pasar Gede.

How to Get to Solo (Surakarta)

How to get from Yogyakarta to Solo

From Yogyakarta you can catch a train. Here are the departing times:

0530, 0735, 0815, 0910, 0957, 1105, 1215, 1445, 1800

There are more but they are all I got in my picture.

I rocked up one hour earlier and bought a ticket on the spot (8,000 IDR). No assigned seats, sit if there is space. The journey is about 1 hour and 15 minutes. The train from Yogyakarta goes to Solobalapan station. Trains to/from most other popular places will go to Purwosari station.

Solo also has an airport.

How to get from Solo to Semarang
When I continued onto Semarang I took a bus from Terminal Tirtonadi.

Accommodation in Solo

Whilst doing all the cool things to do in Solo I stayed at two different places. To get to either of these hotels, use the GoJek app. This is like Uber with motorcycles.

Laksana Inn

Cost: Double bed is 200,000IDR / night if booked on-line (costs more for walk-ins). Weekly and monthly rates available.

Address: Jl. Teratai 2 No. 11, Mangkubumen, 53171 Solo, Indonesia

The first place I stayed in was the Laksana Inn. It was fine. Clean, and adequate. Location was a bit far from the city but walking distance to the mall. It had a good restaurant right across the road. Cheap and nice food. I got woken up at about 5am every morning because of what sounded like a sermon (it was in Indonesian). The staff was nice. Cable TV, internet, small desk, air-conditioner and hot water shower. Room was a bit small for my liking, but still had room for my morning exercise.

Hotel Trio

Cost: Cheapest room is 200,000IDR / night including a simple Indonesian breakfast (noodles or rice and tea or coffee).

Address: Jl. Urip Sumoharjo No.25, 57129 Solo, Indonesia. Phone: +62271632847

After two nights in the Laksana Inn, I swapped to Hotel Trio. It was the same price as the Laksana Inn (200,000IDR/night) but much better. Large room, a seat on the balcony, air-conditioner, TV (local), hot water (Indonesian style shower), clean, nice staff, free drinking water (hot and cold), excellent location, internet (temperamental), study desk, etc.

Some people won’t like the non-cable TV or the Indonesian shower but these things are not important to me. The fact it was a much bigger room with a study desk makes me rate Hotel Trio much higher than Laksana Inn. Also, the TV has English movies at night.

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