13 Awesome Things to do in Sydney, Australia

13 Awesome Things to do in Sydney, Australia

My reason for going to Sydney was to acquire a Colombian passport. I didn’t happen (yet) but I did manage to come across 13 awesome things to do in Sydney.

I originally planned to just go home (Perth, Australia) to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and then head to South America.

Shortly after making this decision my mum informed me that I could get my Colombian passport which is great because I would then not have to worry about visa restrictions – but the consulate was in Sydney so we had to go there.

Unfortunately there was some complications so I will have to return in an undetermined number of months, but the trip was not a total loss. There’s a lot to see in Sydney and we had a great time.

13 Awesome Things to do in Sydney

1. China Town

We (my Mum and I) caught a red eye flight to Sydney and landed at about 0800am. We couldn’t check into our hotel that early so we stored our baggage and went for a walk.

China Town was right next to us so that was the first place we went. It was much smaller than I expected and not much going on at 9am but has some good food later on in the day until late at night.

Things to do in Sydney (1) - China Town - Survive Travel

Chinatown in the morning – not much going on.

2. Hyde Park

We decided to check out the botanical gardens and along the way had a wander through Hyde Park. It’s a nice place to stroll through.

Things to do in Sydney (2) - Hyde Park - Survive Travel

Inside Hyde Park.

3. Botanical Gardens

After Hyde Park we got to the botanical gardens. The area was fairly large. We probably only saw half of it.

Things to do in Sydney (3) - Botanical Gardens - Survive Travel

From the upper level of the Botanical Gardens.

4. Sydney Opera House

From the north side of the botanical gardens we were able to exit right in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House. We went inside and had a little rest from the heat. A truly beautiful piece of architecture.

Things to do in Sydney (4) - Sydney Opera House - Survive Travel

Sydney Opera House.

5. Harbour Bridge

Next to the Opera House is the other famous icon, the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We considered climbing it but then discovered it would cost over $150 each. I just couldn’t justify the extortion – even if my mum was gonna pay for it (which she was).

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Instead we just went on the pedestrian walk of the bridge to take some snaps of all the boats in the harbour (featured picture).

Things to do in Sydney (5) - Sydney Harbour Bridge - Survive Travel

The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge taken from North Sydney.

6. The Rocks

One the way back toward the hotel we walked through the Rocks. A nice little area which is full of history that I did not learn about.

Things to do in Sydney (7) - The Rocks - Survive Travel

Inside the historical area of The Rocks.

7. Street Art

Whilst walking around Sydney you can see some pretty cool street art, which is probably my favorite thing about cities.

Things to do in Sydney - Survive Travel

Street Art at Bondi Beach.

8. Catch a Ferry

The next day we went to the Colombian Consulate in North Sydney. To get back to the hotel we decided to take the ferry, which is a pretty nice thing to do.

Things to do in Sydney (9) - Ferry - Survive Travel

View of Sydney from the ferry.

9. Darling Harbour

In the afternoon we took a walk around Darling Harbour. Nothing too exiting. Lots of restaurants and some other stuff. I think the main thing is the scenery, i.e., the harbour.

Things to do in Sydney (8) - Darling Harbour - Survive Travel

Darling Harbour.

10. Chinese Friendship Garden

The next morning we decided to check out the beaches, but before doing that we went into the Chinese Friendship Garden. This is a very peaceful garden with art, lakes, rock formations, small waterfalls, etc.

It is a little surreal that something so peaceful is then surrounded by the skyscrapers of Sydney.

$6.00AUD entry.

Things to do in Sydney - Chinese Garden of Friendship Review (2) -Waterfall - Survive Travel

A waterfall inside the Chinese Friendship Garden.

11. Coastal Walk

After the Chinese Friendship Garden we caught the bus to Coogee Beach and then did a 6km walk along the coast to get to Bondi. It was a cool and cloudy day. Perfect for walking.

Things to do in Sydney - Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk Review (1) - Coogee Beach - Survive Travel

Coogee Beach.

12. Markets

Apparently there are a few good markets in Sydney on the weekend. Unfortunately we were not there over the weekend but our last day there was on Australia Day and there where some pop-up markets around the Rocks area.

Things to do in Sydney (10) - Markets - Survive Travel

A pop up market on Australia Day.

13. Bare Island

The last thing on this list of awesome things to do in Sydney is to go to Bare Island. Bare Island is located at the beach in La Peruse and is a filming site of Mission Impossible 2.

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Apparently it is very nice to walk around but we couldn’t find any parking!

Things to do in Sydney (11) - Bare Island - Survive Travel

Getting to Sydney

From Perth it’s a 4 to 5 hour flight. Once at the airport (Domestic) it is just under $20aud to get to the city by train. More from international.

Accommodation in Sydney

Whilst doing all these amazing things to do in Sydney we stayed at the Great Southern Hotel.

Cost: $80/night.

Address: 717 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

This is not a hotel I would normally stay at as it costs about 4x more than I would usually pay, but my Mum booked (and paid) for it.

For the price I was expecting something pretty good. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t great either. Just a normal hotel.

It was in a really good location (which would account for the price), TV, fridge, air-conditioner, desk, chair, and a comfortable bed. Not huge but big enough. Wifi available at $20 a day – extortion.

I wouldn’t stay there again. I just feel the price didn’t reflect the quality.

Book your stay at the Great Southern Hotel or some other accommodation in Sydney.

Getting to the Great Southern Hotel
The Great Southern Hotel is on George Street which is a main street through the city center. It is about halfway between Central and Town Hall stations.

Here is a video slideshow showcasing photos taken whilst in Sydney.

Got anything to add to this list of amazing things to do in Sydney? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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