4 Awesome Things to Do in Panama City, Panama

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Discover 4 Awesome things to do in Panama City. Panama City is the capital of Panama in Central America.

This awesome thing to do in Panama city post also includes cheap accommodation, directions in and around Panama City and lots of other useful information on how to survive travel in Panama City.

Some of the items convered in this post include ruins, canals, parks and the beach.

Ok, here it is. My list of 4 awesome things to do in Panama City, Panama.

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4 Awesome Things to do in Panama City

1. See the Ruins

The first thing on my list of awesome things to do in Panama City is to see the ruins.

We saw pretty average markets and some ruins of which I was not to phased about since we were headed to Machu Pichu, but was a good time filler. At the ruins I had the best banana smoothie I’ve ever had from the stall run by the lady outside the “museum” which is actually markets.

2. See the Panama Canal

On our last day in Panama City we saw the Panama Canal. This is one of the more popular things to do in Panama City. If you go around 3pm you can see the big ships come in and watch the spectacle. It was an impressive bit of engineering but seeing it once is more than enough. Make sure you go see the presentation beforehand (its only an extra $2 or so) as it explains how the Canal actually works. Nationals get in for about half price, and you may not be one, but the peroxide blonde in our group got away with it (although no one else did).

Panama Canal

Panama Canal

3. Take a Walk in Panama City Park

We also went for a hike through the Panama City Park. If you like nature walks then its worth doing. You get a nice view of the city and you may spot some animals if your lucky (I didn’t but I hear they where out there).

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4. Spend a Day on the Beach in Santa Clara, Panama

OK, so maybe this shouldn’t be on a list of awesome things to do in Panama City, but it is awesome to do, and we stopped in to Santa Clara on the way to Panama City from Chitre, Panama.

We took a bus from Chitre to Santa Clara. Getting from Santa Clara to Panama city was another bus trip.

Santa Clara was our beach stay. Hot, humid and tropical. I don’t really enjoy the beach, in particular the sand or the heat or the bugs, but it was still a good time. It was the closest that we got to a typical relaxing holiday. We stayed at the Las Veraneras and, according to the locals, down the road had the best hamburgers in Panama, so we went to try them for ourselves.

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Las Veranas beach front accommodation

The place where they were sold was at a little caravan park/restaurant which also had a small aviary out the back, which among other species, had Toucans. On the way I managed to get 7 mangoes for $1us. (They accept USD in Panama, and the local money is worth the same, so no confusion).

Cheap Accommodation in Panama City. If you need cheap accommodation in Panama City, we stayed at the Mamallena hostel.

This was the busiest hostel we had stayed at so far. There was a nice patio upstairs to sit and chat and a BBQ out the back. Free internet and make your own pancakes for breakfast, which could be had at any time of day. It made for a good snack with all the things to do in Panama City.

Next Stop… Pereira, Colombia
We had heard about the possibility of being attacked by bandits if crossing into Colombia overland, so we had decided to fly in.

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Have you been to Panama City before? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Panama City (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

  • MarioReply September 20, 2017 at 22:23

    Hey Bert, interesting how folks tend to visit the panama canal in general when visiting the city. We unfortunately didn’t made it as we didn’t have much time we decided to visit casco viejo & panama veijo instead and 🙂

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