Thirumalai Palace Review, Madurai, India

Thirumalai Palace Review, Madurai, India

This post is a Thirumalai Palace review. Thirumalai Palace is the remains of a palace (turned museum) in Madurai, India.

This Thirumalai Palace review includes personal opinions and useful information including directions, pictures, costs, etc.

Cost(s): 50INR entry + 50INR for the camera.

Address: Panthadi 1st St, Mahal Area, Madurai Main, Madurai, Tamil Nadu 625001

Thirumalai Palace Review, Madurai

Thirumalai Palace was a nice palace/museum to chill out in.

It was quiet inside, not too many tourists, and most of the people in there where locals.

It seems that the locals just come to hang out, chat, sleep, etc, until they get kicked out at 1700. It’s a nice way to escape the heat and I did the same.

Thirumalai Palace Review - Locals - Survive Travel

The locals just come to chill, probably escaping the heat.

The architecture inside the Thirumalai Palace is pretty amazing. Even on the roof. This is just one example.

Thirumalai Palace Review - Roof - Survive Travel

Just one example of how the roof is decorated in the Thirumalai Palace.

And there are a few different rooms. All as impressive as each other.

Apparently what is left is only a fraction (maybe a quarter) of what was originally standing.

There are some relics also, some of which date back to 5th century A.D.

Thirumalai Palace Review - Relics - Survive Travel

Some of the relics date back to 5th century A.D.

Getting to Thirumalai Palace in Madurai

I came by bus from the Gandhi Memorial Museum. It cost 9INR and dropped me within a 10 minute walk.

If you are staying anywhere near the Meenakshi Amman Temple then it is in walking distance.

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