12 Uses for Tiger Balm Whilst Traveling

12 Uses for Tiger Balm Whilst Traveling

This post gives 12 uses for tiger balm whilst traveling.

There are two types of tiger balm. White and red. I carry white tiger balm because it is more versatile.

Red tiger balm is stronger and used more for more severe muscle aches. For not so severe muscle pain I just use white and it does the trick fine.

I’ve known about tiger balm since I was a small child but I only really started carrying it around whilst traveling less than a year ago. Prior to that I was all about clove oil. In my opinion, tiger balm is better to travel with than clove oil, and I think it actually lists clove oil as one of its ingredients.

The two main reasons I think tiger balm is better than clove oil is that it is easier to replace (more readily available, even in more remote places) and easier to carry. Oil can get messy. Tiger balm comes in a small but very strong glass container. I use it almost every day to soothe mosquito bites. It lasts for ages. Also, it does everything clove oil can do and more since it is mild enough to put straight on your skin, unlike pure clove oil which you need to dilute first.

Clove oil does have stronger healing properties but I figure that if I ever need something that strong whilst on the road then I’d probably turn to pharmaceuticals for a “quick reliable fix” (such as anti-biotics) and/or a doctor/hospital. Actually, there’s no probably about it. It’s happened and when I’m really that ill I turn to a professional.

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12 Uses for Tiger Balm Whilst Traveling

Here is my list of 12 uses for tiger balm whilst traveling presented in alphabetical order.

1. Alleviate Headaches.
Simply put a little tiger balm on both your temples.

2. Bad Stomach Cure. Whether you have the sh*ts, constipation, or just a stomach ache, you can rub some tiger balm on it and let the heat do its magic.

3. Clear Congestion. Whether you have a blocked nose, allergies or other congestion rubbing some tiger balm on your chest (like vapour rub) can help to open your sinuses.

4. Get Rid of Corns. Put some tiger balm on your corn (or callus) three times a day.

5. Cure a Sore Throat. Put some tiger balm on your neck when you feel a sore throat coming on. This works best if you catch it early and do it before sleeping.

6. Insect Repellent. It soothes the bites and will keep the bugs away in the first place. Nothing better than prevention.

7. Pain Killer. Apply directly to sore muscles and bones.

8. Prevent Motion Sickness. Put a tiny amount of tiger balm on your lips. Emphasis on the word tiny. Alternatively (and what I do) is just take a big whiff of it every now and again whilst traveling.

9. Prevent Odors. Tiger balm has a strong scent so if you prefer that over any other smell then use it to overpower. A good example would be to leave and open container in your shoes.

10. Remove Ink. If you have ink or paint stains on your skin cover them in tiger balm and wait a couple of minutes. You will be able to pull them off easily. This also works with sticker residue.

11. Soothe Bug Bites. This is the thing I use tiger balm for most often, mosquito bites.

12. Soothe Minor Burns. Applying some tiger balm to a mild burn will help with the pain and also lessen the chances of blisters.

Well that’s it for this list of 12 uses for tiger balm whilst traveling. For more information on staying healthy whilst traveling check out Wilderness and Travel Medicine by Sam Fury.

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Do you know any other uses for tiger balm while traveling? Let us know them or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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