Tips For Keeping Safe Whilst Traveling

Tips For Keeping Safe Whilst Traveling

This post gives tips for keeping safe whilst traveling. Traveling is fun and exiting, but, like everything, it can be dangerous for those that don’t keep aware.

By following some simple guidelines and tips you can ensure your journey will be a safe one.

These tips for keeping safe whilst traveling given in this post covers keeping safe whilst using different modes of travel and also when traveling abroad.

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Tips For Keeping Safe Whilst Traveling

Long Distance Car Journey

  • Plan your route carefully in advance.
  • Use up to date maps and check for likely road works or other possible delays. .
  • Establish parking in advance, if possible, close to your destination.

Hitch Hiking

Hitch-hiking is not recommended, but if you must…

  • Don’t get into a vehicle with just one person, choose a family if possible.
  • Arrange your lift at a will lit service station. Watch people coming or leaving and ask their destination.
  • Offer to pay your way if you have money.
  • Make sure other people see you getting in a lift.
  • Don’t get dropped in an isolated area.
  • If unsure, stay in a service area and ring family or friends.


  • If you intend to stay out late, consider booking a taxi for your return.
  • You can request a woman driver if you are a woman traveling alone.
  • Sit behind the driver.
  • If he gets funny or tries to take advantage of you, ask him to stop in a well lit area or where there are plenty of people.

Trains and Buses

  • These can be dangerous at night.
  • Try to stay away from isolated bus stops.
  • On an empty bus, sit near the bus driver.
  • On a train, sit near an exit with the alarm.
  • If you see several hooligans or drunks getting on your transport, consider if you are best getting off at the next safest stop and waiting for the next one.
  • If you find yourself in an empty compartment, move to a carriage where there are more passengers.

Carrying Money

  • Only carry what you need for the day, leave the rest in a secure place.
  • Consider a money belt.
  • In high risk areas, conceal your real wallet/purse and carry a decoy with out of date credit cards and paper.
  • Carry the phone number for lost credit cards.
  • Insure credit cards against loss or misuse.
  • Carry one major credit card to get out of a real emergency.

Travel Abroad

  • Don’t ridicule the culture.
  • Dress with some respect to local custom.
  • Smile disarmingly, be modest and try not to draw attention to yourself.
  • Lock up valuable items with hotel security.
  • Don’t walk about in a strange city unless you know you’re in a safe location. If the neighborhood looks dodgy, take cabs, a proper licensed one.
  • Don’t carry expensive electronics openly.
  • Make sure bags are secure on your body.
  • Have a meeting place if you get separated from your friends/family, somewhere your children can find and where there are lots of people e.g. McDonald’s. Choose a new location every 200m or so. Turn it into a game with kids.

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  • Pickpockets are found in crowded locations where money is being heavily circulated, e.g., racetracks, tourist locations, markets etc.
  • Don’t do drugs or drug deals with the locals, or try to traffic them in or out of the country.
  • Never take parcels or packages back home for people who claim to have friends where you’re from, ever.
  • If you’re a lone woman, research into traditions and culture of the country (what you should do anyway). Younger men will be most likely to harass you. If you are seriously accosted look for help from a policeman or the more elderly men in the area. Never agree to go off with a gang of youths who offer to show you the ‘best disco in town’ unless you’re sure and do not venture out alone on the streets at night.

Well that’s it for my tips for keeping safe whilst traveling. Most of then are common sense, but as they say, sometimes sense isn’t very common.

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Do you have any more tips for keeping safe whilst traveling? We’d love to hear about them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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