7 Top Things to do in Cusco, Peru

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Discover 7 top things to do in Cusco, Peru. This things to do in Cusco post also includes cheap accommodation, directions in and around Cusco, Peru and lots of other useful information on how to survive travel in Cusco, Peru.

Many people go to Cusco, Peru, as a starting point to get to Machu Pichu.

There are also lots of other top things to do in Cusco itself and it is a good idea to spend a day or two there first in order to acclimatise before trekking to Machu Pichu.

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7 Top Things to Do in Cusco, Peru

Ok, here it is. My list of 7 top things to do in Cusco, Peru.

1. Go to Machu Pichu

Although Machu Pichu is not in Cusco, starting your tour from there is one of the top things to do in Cusco. If you want to do the genuine Inca Trail you will need to book well in advance (think months), however, there are many cheaper options available which can be arranged the day before.

2. Walk Around the Town of Cusco

We had agreed to spend one day acclimatising to the altitude before we headed to Machu Pichu so we used it wisely and explored Cusco. Cusco is a nice little town to explore on foot and is quite historic with amazing colonial architecture.

3. See Some Museums and/or Galleries

We didn’t do any museums or galleries but there are plenty around. Check out Wikitravel.org/en/Cuzco#See for more information.

4. Go to the Markets

We checked out the Artisan markets at the corner of Avenida del Sol and Tullumayo. It is wise to buy souvenirs here as they are noticeably more expensive in Aguas Calientes and Machu Pichu.

5. Catch a Parade

We also happened to stumble across a local parade in the town’s main square showcasing local dress wear, music and dancing.

top things to do in cusco, peru parade

Parade in Cusco

6. Get a Massage

Besides hiking to Machu Pichu, this was my favorite of my top things to do in Cusco, Peru.

A few of us then went for one of the many massages on offer. I love massages so it it was a definitely on my list of things to do in Cusco. We treated ourselves to a 1 hour massage which combined a number of different techniques including shiatsu, reflexology and Hot Rocks (which was fantastic).

7. Eat Alpaca

The last thing on my list of top things to do in Cusco is to eat Alpaca.

We managed to get a tasty two course meal at a local tucked away restaurant for about 2usd and later on that night ate a mystery satay type stick which turned out to be Alpaca. It was actually quite tasty.

We did go on the hunt for the local dish of guinea pig but didn’t have much luck. Apparently it only comes out in special occasions or is otherwise quite expensive. We did find it in a restaurant later on but didn’t want a whole meal of it just in case we didn’t like it. Alas, it wasn’t on the appetisers.

Also, by now everyone was quite accustomed to Inca Kola.

Other Useful Information About Cusco, Peru

Here’s some other useful information about surviving travel in Cusco, Peru.

Getting From Huacachina to Cusco

El Gato and I had managed to get cheap air tickets from Lima to Cusco (so we had to double back to Lima). We must have got the last ones because the others were forced to take another epic bus ride from Ica. I don’t know how long it was exactly but I know that it was the longest of the journey, and from they told me, not the smoothest ride.

So we went back to the Loki Hostel in Lima and found a cool restaurant/bar cove down the road for dinner. We treated ourselves to amazing pizza then turned in early for a 4am start. As it turned out we didn’t need to wake up that early because the airport wasn’t even open until about 15 minutes before our boarding time. Once checked in we had to wait 15 minutes for security to open, then another 15 minutes for the gate to open.

Cheap Accommodation in Cusco

If you need cheap accommodation in Cusco, Peru, we checked into the Loki Hostel Cusco. This was one of the biggest hostels I’ve seen. Similar to the one in Lima, but about triple the capacity. The others arrived not long after us and so we took our time to settle in and then did some exploring.

Loki Hostel, Cusco

Next Stop… Machu Pichu
Not surprisingly, Machu Pichu was one thing that everyone in our group really wanted to do. It was also the last part of my South American adventure.

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Have you been to Cusco before? Help out other readers and leave your tips on things to do in Cusco (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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