Traditional Ecuadorian Food

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Although a small country, traditional Ecuadorian food is as diverse as its landscape. From hearty stews in the mountains to the seafood of the coast to the delicacies of the jungle. And as a traveler, you can experience all the popular Ecuadorian food you want.

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1. Hornado

Get a whole pig and roast it. That’s hornado. Yum!

Hornado, Traditional Ecuadorian Food, Survive Travel

By amalavida.tv (Flickr) [CC BY-SA 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Ceviche

Ceviche is fresh raw fish cured in lemon or lime. They then spice it with garlic, chili, cilantro, and other spices.

They do not know the origin of Ceviche, but it is popular throughout Latin America, especially near the coast.

3. Llapingachos

Llapingachos are fried potato or yuca (cassava) cakes with a peanut sauce. They stuff the potato cakes with cheese and cook them on the grill.

4. Encebollado

This fish stew is a national dish of Ecuador though it is most popular near the coast.

The fish is albacore but sometimes they use others such as tuna or billfish.

5. Mote con Chicharron

Chicharron is pork rind. Mote is white hominy corn. Cook them together and top with pickled onion and chili and you get one delicious dish.

This is typical Ecuadorian food at its best.

Mote con Chicharron, Traditional Ecuadorian Food, Survive Travel

By Dtarazona [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons

6. Pescado Encocado

This traditional coastal dish is sea bass in a seasoned coconut sauce. Ingredients include cilantro, tomatoes, citrus, and a variety of spices.

They often make it with other types of fish, and even other types of seafood.

7. Morcilla

Morcilla is blood sausage and the ones in Ecuador are like the rest of the world.

They get animal blood and mix it with a filler such as meat, fat, or cornmeal. Then they stuff it into a sausage.

8. Carne en Palito

Carne en Palito is thin meat seasoned with achiote, cumin, garlic, and orange juice. They then grill the meat on a skewer.

9. Seco de Chivo

Seco de Chivo is goat stew. The stew sauce has a variety of ingredients including cilantro, cumin, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and other spices.

Like many dishes in Ecuador, Seco de Chivo often comes with rice and sides of avocado and plantain.

10. Locro

Locro is a popular mountain stew and is a national dish of Ecuador and a few other countries in the region. It is a mixture of bean, corn, and potato. The potato is papa chola, which is specific to the Andes.

In Ecuador there is also yahuarlocro. This adds lamb blood and entrails into the stew.

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Ecuador has similar food to their neighbors, but is unique in its own right. Different local ingredients and a rich Incan history mean different flavors and new twists to old favorites.

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