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The best traditional Mauritian food is not in your resort restaurant. Take to the markets and street corners to sample the diverse food culture. The traditional street food of Mauritius is a mix of Creole, French, Chinese, and Indian. And thanks to the fertile soils, you can find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

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1. Fish Vindaye

A curried fish recipe served with rice and pickled vegetables.

The curry has mustard, garlic, ginger and onion.

2. Rougaille

A hot creole tomato stew with onion, garlic, chillies, and other spices. Once cooked, they often add fish or meat.

Rougaille is a typical side dish and is fast to make.

Rougaille, Traditional Mauritian Food, Survive Travel

By JPS68 [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons

3. Millionaire’s Salad

The Millionaire’s Salad is a palm tree heart mixed with salad leaves and various seafoods. They top it with a red sauce dressing.

4. Curry

Mauritian curries are more herb based as opposed to Asian coconut curries. They come in a variety of flavors.

The common Creole curry is spicy. Delicacy curries such as bat, octopus, and wild-boar are also available.

5. Salmon Tandoori

This is salmon which they bake with a traditional tandoori coating. Eat it with naan bread.

6. Mine Frites

A classic dish adapted from the Chinese. Fried noodles! The stir fry noodles contain vegetables, meat and/or tofu, egg, and chili.

7. Dholl Puri

This is a Mauritian take on classic Indian food. Dholl Puri is like bread wrap made from yellow split peas. Inside is curry and/or pickled vegetables.

8. Banane Flambée

A delicious dessert of bananas and ice-cream. They top it with a sweet rum sauce and if you’re lucky, you’ll also get a fried pineapple.

9. Boulet

Boulet are Mauritian style dumplings. There is a variety of them made from fish, tofu, or meat. They steam the dumpling and serve it in a soup with chili. A great late afternoon snack.

10. Biryani

Biryani is an Indian food that has made its way to Mauritius. It is rice, meat, and vegetables cooked with spices. You can also get vegetarian.

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That’s all for this list of typical Mauritian food. With the awesome mix of cultures Mauritius is a foodies dream. It is one of the few places in the world with a mix of Asian and European foods as a traditional base.

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