Travelers Exercise Routine

Travelers Exercise Routine

Here is a travelers exercise routine that needs no equipment and very little space, i.e., you can do it in an average size hotel room.

This travelers exercise routine includes all the components of a good workout including warm up, cool down, and stretching.

It also doubles as ongoing self-defense training and is flexible enough to be done whether you have ten minutes or a full hour.

The information in this post does not actually detail the full exercise routine. Instead we built a whole website dedicated to it! This post will simply give you an introduction and links to the information you need.

This travellers exercise routine is based on parts of the Survival Fitness Plan.

Travelers Exercise Routine

Warm Up

This full-body warm up lasts for approximately ten minutes and even includes five super-burpees which is an exercise developed especially for the Survival Fitness Plan that conditions the whole body including cardio stamina.

If you have a busy day exploring ahead of you and no time to “work out” then at the very least do the Survival Fitness warm-up.

Cool Down and Stretch

On those days that you have twenty minutes to spare spend ten minutes on the warm up and then do a ten (or fifteen) minute yoga routine that focuses on increasing flexibility. I won’t harp on about the all the benefits of yoga but there are a lot of them and the encompass mind, body and soul/spirit/qi or however you like to think about it.

Self-Defense Training

When you have thirty minutes or more you can add in self-defense training. I have chosen self-defense training because it is a very useful skill, needs no equipment, and by using the Survival Fitness Plan Self-Defense method you can go through everything you need each week, assuming you are already familiar with the techniques.

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Survival Fitness Self-Defense has been specifically designed as an easy to learn and highly effective self-defense system. It is good for those that don’t want be “a martial artist” while still being effective (I dare say it is more effective than most martial arts) however, for those that do want to learn more then with a bit of extra training you can delve into the Self-Defense Series.

Yoga Nidra

When doing a full training session you will start with the warm-up followed by self-defense training and then the yoga cool down. Finally you can end with Yoga Nidra which is kind of like meditation.

Other Training

In the Survival Fitness Plan there are many more activities besides self-defense such as parkour, swimming, climbing, survival skills, etc. Unfortunately it is hard to keep to the full Survival Fitness Plan training routine when traveling due to lack of time, equipment, space, etc. but when you do get the opportunity to do them, take it. Outdoors activities such as snorkelling, mountain bike riding, rock climbing, hiking, etc. are all (in my opinion) fun to do and will help to increase your Survival Fitness skills.


One activity that there is almost always an opportunity to do when traveling is walking. Not only will it keep you fit but you’ll save money on transport and see loads of stuff that would usually just zip by when in a car or bus. It’s a great way to explore.

Sometimes I go for weeks with just doing the morning routine and then walking around and, as long as I keep my nutrition up, it keeps me pretty fit.

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The last thing to touch on for this travelers exercise routine is nutrition. One of my favorite things about traveling is testing all the local foods but it is also important to keep up a good diet. Eating properly and not taking too many drugs (including alcohol, pharmaceuticals, smoking and illicit) is essential to ensure good health, and even more-so when traveling since being “on the road” and around unfamiliar surroundings (different people, foods, pollutants, etc) can have a toll on your immune system.

Do you have your own travelers exercise routine? Let us know about it (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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