10 Uses for Baby Powder While Traveling

10 Uses for Baby Powder While Traveling

This post lists my top 10 uses for baby powder while traveling. I first came across the usefulness of baby powder many years ago back in my military days. They used to issue a blend of medicated talcum power to put on your feet. Then , during my earlier days of traveling, I would occasionally throw a bunch of stuff out in an attempt to minimize. I would always get rid of the baby powder (or talcum powder) because I wouldn’t have used it in a while, but then in a few months it would creep its way back in.

Nowadays my pack contents more or less stays the same. A few things still come and go but I have a good core of stuff that I now know will always be useful, even if it is only once every few months. Baby powder is one of them.

Bert’s Top 10 Uses for Baby Powder While Traveling

You’ll notice that most of these uses for baby powder while traveling are as a back-up. When I have all my stuff, i.e., in the hotel room, I will use my usual item for doing what-ever it is I need to do. If that usual item runs out, or when I’m on a day trip and only have my day-pack, then I make use of the baby powder. Yep, I keep a small bottle of baby powder in my day-pack.

1. Moisturizer

When in Bohol (the Philippines) I noticed a girl applying baby powder on her face before heading off to university. I asked what for and she (playfully) answered “keeps me beautiful”. After she left her Aunt told me it was to protect her skin. After that I noticed lots of Filipinas doing it. It seems they use it as a multi-purpose “beauty powder” / moisturiser / sunscreen.

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My usual moisturiser is coconut oil (which also doubles as sunscreen) but when that runs out I use the baby powder.

2. Sun Screen

As mentioned in number 1 of these uses for baby powder while traveling it offers a bit of sun protection. Actually, I don’t think it is very effective (I wouldn’t replace my sunscreen with it) but is better than nothing.

2. Deodorant

Again, when my coconut oil runs out, I use baby powder as deodorant. Also, unlike coconut oil, I keep baby powder in my day-pack, which means I can freshen up during the day.

3. Chaffing

Baby powder saved me a lot of too much walking in the heat pain while in India. This is when I started carrying it in my day-pack.

4. Dry Lubricant

Baby powder isn’t a lubricant I would use with a “special friend” (try coconut oil for that) but for practical means it is pretty good, especially as a graphite replacement when a lock is sticking.

5. Ant Repellent

Sprinkling a line of baby powder around ant entry points will help keep them away.

6. De-Salter

The first time I ever lived in another country I learned from a group of Malay’s (I was in Malaysia) that baby powder can be used to get that yuck feeling off your skin after being in salt water, i.e., so you can put your t-shirt back on.

This also works for the sand that gets stuck to you.

7. Aftershave

I usually use coconut oil but if I’m out of that then baby powder takes its place.

8. Cool Your Bedsheets

I spend a lot of time in tropical countries. Sprinkling some baby powder on my sheets keeps me cool. I admit that I don’t do this often but when I do on those extra hot nights it works wonders.

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9. Moisture Remover

Many of the items in this list of uses for baby powder while traveling are possible because of this one. Baby powder soaks up moisture. If you have a spillage then just put some baby powder on it.

10. Freshen Your Shoes

The last item on my list of uses for baby powder while traveling is to freshen up your stinky footwear. After a long day of exploring on a hot day my shoes can become a little “iffy”. Baby powder sorts out the moisture and freshens them up.

What uses for baby powder while traveling do you know? Let us know them (or anything else you want to say) in the comments 😀 .

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