Using Clove Oil While Traveling

Using Clove Oil While Traveling

This post explains how I go about using clove oil while traveling. Actually, it is also how I go about using clove oil in even when not traveling. Clove oil can do many things both medically and other, and it is the only essential oil I use.

Clove oil is full of awesome properties which makes it ideal for travel. Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant, energizing, revitalizing, numbing (muscles, teeth etc.) etc.

Carrying Clove Oil While Traveling

When using clove oil while traveling I carry it pre-diluted to 50%. I prefer to dilute it with Jojoba Oil but any carrier oil you prefer will work. 50% dilution for clove oil is still quite strong so dilute it to your preference, especially when applying it directly to your skin (except for the soles of feet which are tougher.)

Using Clove Oil While Traveling

I carry two bottles. One 50ml bottle of Clove, mixed at 50% with a carrier oil, and one small empty plastic bottle which I use for quick mixing.

Uses Clove Oil While Traveling

Clove oil has a wide range of uses. Here are the things I mainly use clove oil for while traveling, as well as when not traveling. All these things, unless otherwise stated, are used as the 50% diluted mix.


One to two drops mixed with 25-50mls of water and shaken well. This is the main use for the extra empty plastic bottle. You have to shake it to break up the oil. Oil does not mix with water, so if you do not shake it you will get one big drop of clove oil in your mouth and it could burn a little.

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It does not have the minty taste, but it does what it is supposed to do i.e. kill bad sh*t in your mouth. Also, all natural unlike most commercial mouthwashes.

Immune Booster

There are a few ways to do this. Every day that I can I put up to 5 drops into my morning green tea. Be sure to stir it to break up the oil. I fill the cup up half way, then put the drops and stir it while filling up the cup the rest of the way.

Sometimes I will also rub a few drops into the soles of my feet, especially if I start to feel run-down.


If I have nothing else available then I use the clove oil as an antibacterial such as when washing my clothes or dishes or any surface I want to disinfect.

Antibacterial soap is the best thing to disinfect cuts but clove oil can be used if nothing else is available. Applying 50% might burn a little so you may wish to dilute it more. Do not use it on burns.

Although not ideal, if needed, carrier oil can be bought from a supermarket e.g. cold pressed olive oil.

Heat Rub

Clove oil makes an excellent heat rub for sore muscles and also works well for an upset stomach. You may want to dilute it a bit more, especially to sensitive skin.

To fully explain all the medical uses for using clove oil while traveling is far too much for a single blog post. If you want to learn more check out

Using clove oil while traveling - Survive Travel

Be sure to keep your clove oil in its own zip lock bag just in case, after all, it is in a glass bottle.

Precautions When Using Clove Oil

*Use pure clove oil. Not Fragrance! (Although it is extremely fragrant)

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*Clove oil comes in three varieties of varying strengths. I always get the strongest I can. In order from strongest to weakest is stem, leaf and then bud.

*Use glass bottles or the oil will eat through it!

*Max 100ml to get on planes.

*Clove oil is one of the stronger of the essential oils (which is one of the reasons I like using clove oil while traveling). Never apply it to the skin undiluted.

*Do not use anything more than a 1% dilution (99% carrier oil) for general massage over large areas of the body.

What do you think about using clove oil while traveling? Share your thoughts/questions in the comments 🙂 .

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