Self Guided Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa – Palawan, Philippines

Self Guided Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa – Palawan, Philippines

This post describes my self guided walking tour of Puerto Princesa. Puerto Princesa is the capital of Palawan. Palawan is the biggest island province in the Philippines.

After my full day tour of the underground river I decided to stay another day in Puerto Princesa to chill and have a general look around. I wasn’t bothered with going too far so I just looked up the tourist attractions on my GPS and walked to them.

This self guided walking tour of Puerto Princesa begins from the Matutina Pensionne, which was my accommodation.

Self Guided Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa

1. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

The first place I went was to the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. I had planned to just have a little look inside but it was Sunday so mass was on. I just took a picture from outside instead.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (1) - Immaulate Conception Cathedral - Survive Travel

I didn’t go inside because ti was Sunday and mass was on.

2. Plaza Cuartel

Just across the road from the cathedral is Plaza Cuartel. I think it is some kind of memorial park. Palawan was a strategic island during WW2.

Plaza Cuartel has a nice little garden with a path going through it. There were butterflies flying around and birds chirping. It was nice.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (2) - Plaza Cuartel - Survive Travel

The garden path.

3. Bay Walk

My next stop on my self guided walking tour of Puerto Princesa was the Baywalk. I had been to the Baywalk on my first night but decided to go again during the day. It is definitely more lively at night. The only people I saw there during the day where two kids playing in a half sunk boat (pictured below) and an ice-candy salesman. The view of the bay (featured pic), however, is much nicer in the day-time.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (3) - Baywalk Kids playing in boat - Survive Travel

Kids playing in a half sunken boat.

4. Public Market

Pretty much every town in the Philippines, including really small ones, have a public market. The one in Puerto Princessa is no different from all the others. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, meat, rice, and lots more random stuff.

The area around the public market is what I would consider the center of town. There are some shopping complexes, food, and lots of traffic.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (4) - Market - Survive Travel

A non-food related section of the public market.

5. Palawan Museum

The Palawan museum was probably the one thing I actually wanted to have a look in, but it was closed due to it being a Sunday.

Museum Hours: Mon to Sat. 0800 to 1200. 1330 to 1700.

Costs: Adult 50php, Student 20php, Children 10php, Seniors 40php.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (5) - Palwan Museum - Survive Travel

Unfortunately the museum was closed due to it being a Sunday.

6 Mendoza Park

My last stop on this self guided walking tour of Puerto Princesa was Mendoza Park. Mendoza Park was just across the road from the Palawan Museum and there where some students practising a dance routine.

Walking Tour of Puerto Princesa (6) - Mendoza Park - Survive Travel

Kids practising their dance routine.

Accommodation in Puerto Princesa

Whilst in Puerto Princesa I stayed at the Matutina Pensionne.

Cost:700php per night for a single room.

Address: 40 Taft St. Palawan, 5300 Puerto Princesa, Philippines

I was the only guest there at the time. I enjoyed my stay there. The courtyard was nice.

My room was just big enough to do super-burpees and had aircon, cable and private bathroom. Wifi signal was low in my room but good in the courtyard and pretty fast. I’m sure this was because I was the only guest.

The staff were very friendly and the breakfast (included) was pretty good. I ate the vegetarian omelette every morning but there are some Filipino choices and pancakes as well.

The location was also pretty good. Close to the cathedral and 10 minutes walk to the town center and the bay view walk.

Get the very best deal available at the Matutina Pensionne or any accommodation you choose in Puerto Princesa.

Getting to Matutina Pensionne

It costs 50php for a tricycle from the airport. Ask the price before agreeing to go with them. If they won’t do it for 50php, go out the airport, turn right and walk down the street a little.

There is a jeepney stop on the corner of Roxas Street and Rizal Ave. You can catch a jeepney to/from the San Jose bus terminal, which is where you can catch buses to other parts of Palawan.

Here’s a map with all the places mentioned in this post.

Have you ever done a self guided walking tour of Puerto Princesa? Where did you go, what did you see? Share you experiences with us in the comments 😀 .

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