What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand

18 What to See in Patong Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Featured

Don’t know what to see in Patong Phuket? Here are 18 things for you to try. Patong Beach is a famous holiday beach spot located in Phuket, Thailand. I hadn’t planned on going to Thailand until after India but some friends were going so I decided to meet them.

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What to See in Patong, Phuket

1. Party on Bangla Street

The first thing on my list of things to do in Patong Phuket is to party on Bangla Street. When the sun falls this street is definitely not for minors. Although I did see parents with their young kids walking around. It is possible they had no idea what it was going to be. I imagine they’ll be answering a lot of awkward questions later.

If you stay on the main road you won’t see anything too promiscuous. Only, don’t go down any side alleys or inside any building that you can’t see inside from the street.

1 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Bangla Street

Bankor Street – Great for people watching.

2. Traditional Thai Bamboo Tattoo

I didn’t do this but I’m guessing traditional Thai Bamboo tattoos are more painful.

2 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Bamboo Tattoo, Survive Travel

Angelina Jolie got the co-ordinates of the birthplaces of her adopted children tattooed on her tradition bamboo thai style… or so I read.

3. Thai Massage

For me, Thai Massage is one of the best things to do in Patong Beach Thailand. It is like a cross between massage and the masseuse putting you in yoga poses. I liked it but I can understand how it is not for everyone.

I would definitely not classify it as a gentle massage.

The place next to my hotel (the Tanawan Phuket Hotel) was 150Baht for 60 minutes. That was the cheapest I saw. Most places are about 200 to 300 unless you choose somewhere flash.

3 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Thai Massage

A traditional Thai Massage

4. Muay Thai Competitions

I trained in Muay Thai when I was a teenager and am still into fighting arts so for me, this was a must do in Patong. I recommend it for all unless you are very against this type of thing.

For 1100 Baht we got to see seven matches, 3 of which ended in KO’s. These were the cheapest seats in the cheaper stadium but included a shuttle to and from the hotel and a tank-top. Since we chose the smaller stadium it means even the cheap seats were pretty close to the ring.

I got the tickets from one of the touts on the street which was cheaper than the advertised price on the flyers.

You get dropped off quite a bit earlier than the fights begin. You can go have dinner at the restaurant beforehand to kill time. Do not order the BBQ which they cook out the front – the meat tastes weird. Everything on the menu (that we ordered) was good.

Below a video of the Muay Thai Fights in Patong Beach. It is in the smaller Patong Stadium as opposed to the Bangla Stadium which is closer to the center of town. Bangla Stadium is bigger and comes with a higher ticket price.

There are kids fighting at the start, then teenagers and then the adults. I know some people may object to kids fighting but let me say that these guys are well trained. Also, the bouts are very controlled.


5. Go to the Beach

This is one of the better free things to do in Patong Beach. Of course, if you want to spend money you can. There is jet skiing, parasailing, massages, food, etc.

3 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, The Beach

It ain’t called Patong Beach for nothing!

6. Get a Fish Massage

This is available in many countries but since I did it here I thought I may as well include it. The general price seems to be 100Baht for 10 minutes but we came across one that was 100 Baht for 15 minutes. If you have ticklish feet this might not be for you, but after a few minutes, you get used to it.

I guess the fish are eating the dead skin.

7. Get a Massage

If you are looking for something chill in Patong to do, then massage is for you. I know I already put Thai Massage on this list but this is for all the other types of massage you can get. Almost anything you want depending on the shop and most aren’t shy about offering “extras”.

If you are not into the extras thing, look for the ones that say “No Sex”. The ones that do not offer extras seem to be cheaper also.

The only other massage I got besides the Thai Massage was a foot massage. It was nothing like the ones in China which actually hurt. This was very pleasant. They put mild deep heat on your legs and feet and give a pretty good massage. They also do your arms and shoulders. Of course, every place is a little different. The foot massages are usually the same price as the Thai massage, i.e., about 200Baht.

I did want to try Thai Herbal Steam massage but ran out of time on my last day. I’ll definitely get one when I go to Thailand again.

7 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Foot Massage

Foot massages on the beach.

8. Ping Pong Show

Oh my god! This “sexy show” is the unsexiest thing I have come across. For those that do not mind a bit of filth, this is a must see in Patong. There are few places in this world where you can come across this so liberally.

It is a bit of a scam but only because of the people that tout the shows on the street lie to you. If they told the truth they would get as many people because it is definitely something unique. The one we spoke to said it was free entry, which it was, and you have to buy at least one drink. The drinks are expensive, but the girl said it was 500Baht for the first one and 99 Baht for each extra one. We did manage to get the first one for 500 Baht but extra ones were definitely not 99baht.

Also, they say the show goes for 60 minutes and you will see about 20 different things. In reality, they break up the actual show with other things. We ended up leaving after about an hour, and only saw 5 of the 20 things. I’m sure if you stayed in there for four hours you’d get to see it all.

What things do you see? Well, it might be a bit too crude to explain in detail, but a big array of things, live and inanimate, come out of a “woman”. I put “woman” in quotation marks because I am pretty sure the one at our show used to be a man. This is judging by the size of her hands and muscular definition.

Where is this? Bangla Road. You do not need to try to find it, the touts will find you.

18 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Sexy Ping Pong Show

The real ping pong show is a lot raunchier than this!

9. Spank Street

The second sexy item of these activities in Patong Beach is Spank Street. Spank Street is also on Bangla Road – well, on a side street off it (next to Freedom Street). It’s not called spank street, we only nick-named it that. You walk down it and the ladies spank you with a foam stick. I found it pretty entertaining. The street has many bars and strip clubs, but they aren’t like Western strip clubs. They are a bit more full-on.

6 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Spank Street

The spanking is up ahead.

10. Rent a Motorized Scooter

Number 10 of my things to do in Patong Thailand is to rent a motorizes scooter. We got ours from the Tanawan Hotel. It cost 250 Baht for 24 hours plus 100 Baht deposit (which we got back) for each helmet. We could have got them for 200Baht down the road but thought getting them from the hotel would be safer.

Hiring a scooter for a day is a great way to see some of the things outside of the Patong Beach area.

We wanted to extend the rental for another 6 hours but they wanted to charge a full day.

What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Motor Scooter

11. Big Buddha

This big Buddha is famous for the view from the top. It is impressive but unfortunately had a lot of construction going on. Still worth going to have a look though.

7 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Big Buddha

Big Buddha. There was an awesome view but pictures ruined by the construction.

12. Beaches

I know I have already mentioned going to the beach, but this is for the beaches outside Patong. There are many because Phuket is an island.

8 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Karon Beach

I think this is Karon Beach, but it might be further south.

13. Visit the Islands

There are full day tours, half day tours, or you can catch the boat yourself. Visit the outer-lying islands, swim in the beaches and go snorkeling. I did none of them but would have if I had a few more days to spare.

9 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, View from Big Buddha

This is the view from the Buddha on the side without the constructions. You can see isands out there right? That makes it relevant

14. Eat!

Food in Thailand is AMAZING!

10 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Tom Kha Gai

Tom Kha Gai

15. Learn to Cook Thai Food

Learning to cook from the locals is a great thing to do in Patong. We found a small outdoor “food court” one evening where the food was awesome (and cheap). We asked if they could give us some cooking lessons, and they did, and didn’t even charge us! We did give them a pretty good tip afterward though.

Each of us chose a dish and they made it in front of us while telling us what they were doing. We made Pad Thai, Suki (a Thai Noodle Soup), Tom Yum, Thai Green Curry, and Penang Curry. I videoed each of them and put them all in a different post.

18 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a classic Thai noodle dish.

16. Catch a Show

These next two things I didn’t actually do.

There are some stage-shows you can see in Patong Beach. Unfortunately, they involve tricks with animals, which to me is cruel. No, I am not a vegetarian. Yes, I see the hypocrisy. I could rant on about this subject but I won’t.

There was one show that I thought would have been okay, Siam. I decided to have dinner and drinks with my mates instead.

What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Thai Traditional Dancing

Traditional Thai dancing.

17. Go to Phuket Town

We planned to do this on the day we had the scooters but ran out of daylight. You could also catch a bus there which I heard costs 30 baht and takes 30 minutes. I do not know where the bus leaves Patong Beach but it arrives at the Phuket town market. The buses leave every 30 minutes from 0700 to 1800.

A taxi, either way, shouldn’t be more than 400Baht. Ask for 250Baht and see what they say.

The above information on getting to Phuket town from Patong beach is from WikiTravel.org/en/Phuket_Town.

What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Phuket Town, Graph Art

Street art in Phuket town.

18. Go to Rawai Town

If you are looking for what to do near Patong Beach then visiting Rawai is a good option. Rawai is a small village outside Patong Beach. We went there on the day we rented scooters.

11 What to See in Patong, Phuket, Thailand, Survive Travel, Rawai

The view from where we ate lunch in Rawai.

Where to Stay in Patong Phuket

I booked a room online at the Tanawan Hotel. It was $12USD a night and good value. My friends went to the Graceland Resort. It was much nicer, but also much more expensive.

You can find your dream accommodation in Patong using the search form below.

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