The Reason Why ALL Women are Older Than Most Men

The Reason Why ALL Women are Older Than Most Men

This is an opinion piece about why ALL women are older than most men. Please take it with a grain of salt.

So over the last couple of weeks there has been a topic of conversation which has popped up a few times with a number of different people.

Most of the time it has started with me implying that a girl is older than me, and with their response being that I am in fact older than them.

Well, that may be true mathematically, but I would like to explain why ALL women are older than most men, even if this isn’t so by birth date.

The Reason Why ALL Women are Older Than Most Men

The reason why all women are older than most men is related to the time frame in which people have to get partnered up with the opposite sex. You see men are like cheese and wine. We are not so good when young, but we get better with age. We have the ability to improve ourselves and our level of attractiveness to the opposite sex. It is to our distinct advantage that women find personality more attractive than looks.

Women, on the other hand, are like fruits. When they are young they are cute, as they get to a ‘ripe’ stage they become firm and sweet. This is the stage where they are most attractive to the opposite sex and have the best chance of finding a good mate. Unfortunately, the ripe stage doesn’t last very long, especially if not taken care of properly, and before you know it they are wrinkled and sour.

Now this is not meant to be an offensive post in any way. The analogy is just a descriptive way to explain that women, as compared to men, have a short time frame to be able to attract a life partner, where as a man, if he continues to learn and grow, can increase his attractiveness with age.

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This is why ALL women are older than MOST men (I say most men because there are obvious exceptions to the rule, such as drug addicts etc).

*A woman being a female over the age of say… 20

Now this is only true in an attractiveness sense. I think in every other sense men generally decline faster e.g. body and mind giving way, death, etc.

As a semi-related side note, an old boss of mine gave me a good rule of thumb once on how young you can date. It’s half your age and add 7.

Do you agree with my reason as to why all women are older than most men? This post may be a bit controversial (especially for women). Feel free to say your piece in the comments 😀 .

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