What I Love About the Women of Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Day 12

What I Love About the Women of Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Day 12

This post includes a wander around Galle, what I love about the women of Sri Lanka, where to get awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle and also provides directions, daily cost summary, other useful information and perhaps also some not so useful personal observations and opinions.

Today surely was a bit of a lazy day in Galle for me. Well, not really lazy, just not much sightseeing. I spent most of it fixing up the Sri Lanka blog posts, though I did go for a wander around Galle for a few hours at least.

After a morning of hacking away at the computer I got out at about 1130-ish. I settled up my bill for 3 nights (5400LKR) and had a stroll around Galle town.

First up I went to the train station to suss out tomorrow. I have now decided on going to Kalutara because apparently the temple there is a must see. It is also at a convenient distance approximately halfway between here and Colombo.

After a quick feed I attempted to go see all the places of worship around Galle (there are lots), but after going to the first one I became uninterested… so I did what I do best and just took a wander around Galle.

I ended up along the rocky shore line along the road to Colombo, where I took this pic, then I turned back.

What I love about the women of Sri Lanka - Shoreline

Next I headed into Galle Fort. The other day I just walked along the wall and the outer rim. Today I went through the middle. I did have ideas of checking out some of the museums, but again I got there and became uninterested.

I did come across a posts office though so sent off the postcards I had got from Ella. Apparently it is the same cost no matter where in the world you send the postcard to.. 25LKR per stamp.

After that I got my fruit from the lady near the train station (as opposed to the extortioner from the other day), tried another type of small eats and went back for a nap.

This ‘small eat’ is like a savory donut. Edible and tastes OK, but I would not get it again.

What I love about the women of Sri Lanka - A walk around Galle Fort - Small Eats

A savory donut

What I Love About the Women of Sri Lanka

The women of Sri Lanka don’t appeal to me much physically. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen a few very good looking women here, and I am under the thought of mind that there are beautiful women everywhere in the world, but what I love about the women of Sri Lanka is that they have a very friendly nature and beautiful smiles.

Actually, even the men are very friendly in nature. Sri Lankans are just an exceptionally friendly people. It’s true that many of them want you to buy something, but if you refuse politely they still like to talk to you.

Anyway, back to the women. What I love about the women of Sri Lanka, apart from what I have already said, is the way they dress. Amazing colorful dresses that you would rarely see in the west.

A wander around Galle - what I love about the women of Sri Lanka

The dresses the Sri Lankan women wear are amazing

Where to Get Awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle

Come dinner time I just went to a little place next door to the Suwa Siri inn, where I am staying.

They have Chicken Biryani for 190LKR per serve. I ordered that and some Paratha (flat bread). It was ridiculously good!

It ended up costing me 500LKR altogether but I think it is because he gave me two serves of chicken. Their English is very limited so when he asked how many serves I said one, but then I motioned at myself to say ‘just for me’. Perhaps he thought I needed two serves. I have found that the majority of the world thinks westerners eat more than the locals.

Anyway, it is still a good place to get awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle.

To find where to get awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle, go out of the alley that the Suwa Siri Inn is on. As you face the main road, it is the very first restaurant on your left.

What I love about the women of Sri Lanka - Where to get awesome Chicken Biryani in Galle

This is about a thousand times better than the one from KFC last night

Costs Summary for What I Love About the Women of Sri Lanka – Sri Lanka Day 12


Roti. 80LKR
Fruit. 75LKR
Juice. 120LKR
Savory Donut and Egg Roll. 90LKR
Chicken Biryani and Paratha. 500LKR
Food Costs Total: 865LKR


Galle x 3 nights. 5400LKR
Accommodation Costs Total: 5400LKR


Stamps x 9. 225LKR
Other Costs Total: 225LKR

Grand Total for Day 12 in Sri Lanka: 6490LKR
Grand Total in USD (Approx): $48.80

I much prefer to travel at a slower pace, but unfortunately I have a time limit for this trip (I had to get back to China by the 6th) so I’ve been rushing through it a bit. When I am traveling like this I like to take a ‘rest day’ to catch up on stuff, and I think that just taking a wander around Galle and pondering what I love about the women of Sri Lanka between working on my computer today was just what I needed.

What are your thoughts about the women of Sri Lanka? Let us know that or anything else you want to say in the comments 😀 .

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