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If you are interested in any of the below opportunities, please contact me:

bertahan at survivetravel dot com

I look forward to hearing from you.

Local Tour Companies

Want a detailed, honest, and well-written review of your local tour?

I’ll write a detailed, SEO optimized review and share it on all of Survive Travel’s social media. T

And I’ll do it for FREE!

What’s the catch?

I won’t be paying for your tour.

That’s it. A straightforward deal. You give me the tour for free, and I’ll do a write-up and market it like any of my other posts.

Don’t worry about what country you are in. I’ll come to live there for a little while and take the tour. Seriously… it’s what I do.

Guest Bloggers

Being a “slow traveler” I don’t post much, so I am always accepting guest posts. I prefer posts from travel bloggers but will consider other niches if the content is travel related.

In exchange for a well-written, 1,500+ word article, you will get 2 permanent “dofollow” links. The post will also go through all the normal marketing and social media sharing that I do with my own posts.

  • Links are subject to approval. Hint: If they aren’t relevant or are affiliate links, they will be rejected.
  • Your article may be tweaked for SEO and formatting.
  • You must own the right for any pictures you submit or have the attributions for any that are free for commercial use, e.g., from Pixabay or Wikicommons.
  • By submitting a guest post and any pictures, you agree to my use of your article for other commercial purposes, e.g., as a free report, in a book, for marketing.

If you are interested in writing a guest post, contact me with your travel related idea.

Sponsored Posts

If your link gets rejected from guest blogging, you may still place it as a sponsored post.

Contact me for my rates card on the email at the top of this page.