Working at Blue Star Camps. Pre-Camp Maintenance. Camp America, North Carolina, USA

Working at Blue Star Camps. Pre-Camp Maintenance. Camp America, North Carolina, USA

This is my forth year working at Blue Star Camps in Hendersonville, NC. I got here about three weeks ago and while working at camp I have just have been doing some general pre-camp maintenance i.e. getting the camp ready for when camp actually starts.

Living and working at Blue Star Camps is nice because it is quite a big camp with two lakes, mountain bike tracks, horses, three dining halls, a health centre, gym, three athletic fields, two tennis courts, arts and crafts, a couple of recreation halls, a library, an on site shop, a rock climbing wall, about seven or so camp sites and even its own mountain.

Working at Blue Star Camps, Facilities

Blue Star Camps is actually six camps in one as they split the kids up into age and sex groups. Blue Star Camps is a Jewish summer camp but is not strict and you don’t have to be Jewish to attend, although most of the campers and American staff are, as they eloquently put it Jew-ish, as a pun to mean they are not very strict. The main thing about it being a Jewish camp is that all the camp meals are kosher. Basically that means no pork, and no dairy with meat in the same meal. I think the most noticeable thing people find is no bacon, and no cheese with your burgers.

working at Blue Star Camps. Working at Blue Star Camps

One of the two Lakes at Blue Star Camps

Pre-Camp Maintenance

Most people do not come to work at Blue Star Camps so early to do maintenance, and I’m guessing the they don’t really know what goes on in the month leading up to camp, much like how I don’t know what goes on for the organisation of a Blue Star Camps summer during the rest of the year.

Well here’s what happens during maintenance. There is a lot of cleaning of cabins, and then a bunch of random stuff like raking leaves, painting, gardening, etc. Since I’ve been here I’ve built a retaining wall, installed some concrete steps, installed some lattice, painted a bathroom, made a pathway, rebuilt the retaining wall (it fell after a big storm) and installed fire extinguishes.

working At Blue Star Camps

The Blob At Blue Star Camps

There is only about 15 of us here working at Blue Star Camps at the moment and we are a good crew. Most are returners and good friends from previous years. We’ve been living in the health center and have had to cook for ourselves. I never went to a live-in college, but I imagine it to be a similar living situation. On Monday more people will start to arrive and the kitchen will open. Also people will start to move into separate cabins. Its been nice as a small group but I am ready for more people to come and start the Blue Star summer.

Basically, while working at Blue Star Camps, my week days have been to wake up about 0700, work from 8 to 1630, exercise, do some computer stuff, make/eat dinner, then just hang out till bed time. Every now and again we go out for dinner or something. This is our last full weekend off while working at Blue Star Camps, so I guess tonight well go out for wings and beer and then down to the local club (which is rumoured to have been a KKK clubhouse some years ago).

Have you ever spent time working at Blue Star Camps before? We’d love to hear about your experience, or even if you just want to say hi then please leave a comment 😀 .

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